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Oly's New
Cat Toy

Rianmz’s Cat Boss Oly has found his new favorite toy. A teaser wand with a bird and 2 replacement feathers. This cat toy gave Oly hours of fun. And he wants to share his joy with other cats and owners.

Why Your Cat Will ❤️ This Teaser Wand Set

Certified Fun by Cat Owner !

This cat wand toy set will give your cat lots of fun time together. We pick out the most popular from hundreds of cat toys to make sure your cats will love them.

Completely safe

Made From Safe, Eco-friendly, Durable, Non-toxic material. 

Longer Playtime & more feather refills

We added a total of 3 attachments in the package to make sure this wand can be used for longer periods of time. Unlike other one-time wands, if the feathers or the bird are broken, you have to discard it, it wastes your money, but we have more play options, more feather refills!


The cat toys pack is a good gift idea for anyone or your own cat. Great way to keep your cat fit and happy!

Wand is very light, flexible

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Fun Time

Interactive playing with cats is not only fun, but it provides valuable exercise for cats of all ages.

The Right Toy

Stimulate prey hunting behavior with our bird wand teaser cat toy. Excite your cat.

Sound stimulation

Our cat wand have bell that is especially good because the noise acts as an extra stimulus.


Stimulate the bird like the moving prey for your cat.

Customers reviews

What people say?

My cats love playing “bird” . This is the best one by far. They have yet to chew through the cord and still have a few feathers left on the first of the feather attachment. Buy this !
I accidentally bought this wand instead of one I once had for my baby Logan but I liked it and so did he. I didn't at first but the first one while flexible will definitely not break if I sit on it 🍑by accident. 😂🐾😸 It's not thin either but it'll last longer. I'm surprised I liked it as much.